Vehicle GPS tracker with online tracking App!
Best Vehicle Tracker 2018 is feature packed, waterproof and wired-in  with real-time tracking from any phone, PC or laptop.
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  • No Monthly Fees! Some Portable GPS trackers want you to pay a monthly fee of $30! That's $360 per year! Our GPS tracker is wired in and only needs a SIM Card to start working and uses mere megabytes per month; a $20 could last the whole year or more!
  • Track any vehicle! Track any vehicle's position on a Google maps app! Car, motorcycle, scooter, boat, Delivery Truck, etc. Only needs power between 8-50Volts and an inexpensive Prepaid GSM Sim Card to work.
  • Always plugged in. No Batteries to change! Uses  vehicle's power to operate. A built-in battery keeps sending signal, for a limited time, should vehicle's battery die or is removed.
  • Hidden Installation. Installs inside the dash, hidden away from smart thieves who know what to look for.
  • Easy to operate. Once it's wired-in the vehicle with a simple three wire installation and SIM Card is inserted, tracking couldn't be any easier!
Feature Packed!!
  •  Set a GEO-FENCE: Sends SMS alerts to your phone when vehicle leaves a customizable preset area on map.
  •  Trip History: Records your vehicle's trip history for months.
  • Backup Location Finder: In the very rare occasion the app should ever go down, just Text the number 6690000 to the GPS tracker from your phone, or call the GPS tracker from your phone. The GPS tracker will reply with a Google Maps location link.
  •  SMS ALERTS Direct to your phone!
  •  No Speeding!: Sends SMS  when vehicle exceeds a preset speed.
  • Vehicle Starts: Sends SMS every time the vehicle is started
  •  Power OFF. Anti-Tampering feature sends SMS if ever the power wire is cut with last know location

Kit Includes:
1. GPS Vehicle Tracker w/built-in battery
2. Installation Manual
3. Free Lifetime use of online trackingApp
 Make sure the SIM card
- has caller ID display functions enabled,
- call transfer is disabled.
- Remove the pincode.
- Make sure the SMS format is pure text, not PDU.
- Make sure the sim card supports 2G
Save 50% for the next
$49.99    $99.98  Save 50%
- Free Worldwide Shipping -
Set a GEO - Fence
Records trip history
Easy 3-wire install
More From Our Happy Customers...
Great and easy to set up!.

Excellent product - works perfectly. Once installed in the vehicle, it started tracking almost immediately. Installation took about an hour. Perfect for tracking teenage drivers, and finding your car if stolen. Very good value for the benefit. The GSM SIM Card was cheap too, I just called my cell provider and the choices regarding the type of data you want to receive, and how often it updates. I like the 'History' feature, which shows just how erratic and inefficient a kid can be while driving from point A to B. Also can send alerts for 'Harsh Turn" and 'Harsh Braking.' It also records speed - caught my kid doing over a hundred miles an hour. Withdrew his driving privileges for a long time after that. I would give this product 10 stars for value, usefulness, reliability and cost/benefit.

By Tina Calantzyson June 6, 2018 - Verified
Wow! I Love this thing!

I got a friend to help me install this tracker in my wife's car in about an hour. Turns out she was cheating on me with one of my friends at the hotel down the road. Never thought I would need something like this but glad I bought it. Definitely happy with my purchase, it works flawlessly.

By Tom Higgins August 2, 2018 - Verified
Highly recommend, unit works great!!

I own a bakery with five delivery vans; bought one for each. I didn't want to do it at first but glad I did; one of my drivers was using the van  for personal reasons and the other was always at the coffee shop. I'm not paying anybody for any of stuff, my profit margins are already low. Anyway, I would recommend these units for any business

By D Wilson July 31, 2018 - Verified
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